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Sportive competition · Teams UA


The University of Alicante swimming team takes part in the Regional University Sports Championship (CADU), which takes place in February and March.

The team forms with sportsmen/women selected in an announcement that realises in the months of September-October.

Afterwards, in April and May, the team will compete in the  Spain's University Sports Championships (CEU) and the requirements that the National Sports Council, such as having the minimum required score.

CALENDAR 2018-2019

Date Competition   Place Team Classification
13/03/19 CADU UCH Team

1ª Marina Cots (100m estilos)

1ª Marta Soriano (200m espalda)

1º Alejandro García (50m espalda)

1º José Rodrigo Solís, Alejandro García, Roberto Moreno y Miguel Mas (4x50m libre)

2ª María Romera (50m libre)

2ª Lucía Hernández (100m mariposa)

2ª Marta Soriano (100m espalda)

2º Marta Soriano, Marina Cots, David Riquelme y José Rodrigo Solís (4x100m libre mixto)

3ª Lucía Hernández (50m mariposa)

3ª Marina Cots (400m libre)

3º José Rodrigo Solís (200m estilos)

3º José Rodrigo Solís (400m libre)

3ª Sara Ausina (200m mariposa)

3º Roberto Moreno (50m libre)

3º por equipos

22 to 24/04/19 CEU Castellón Team

Bronze Delia Foncuberta (50 mbreaststroke - adapted swim)


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